Wynn Encore Golf course in Las Vegas

Checking out the Wynn Encore Golfcourse in Las Vegas before it closed for good

Ended up at the Wynn Encore resort for Weekend getaway during the Christmas break in December 2017. Decided to checkout the iconic Wynn golf course.

Good thing I didn’t lug my Golf bag along for the Weekend. Learned from the bartender at the pro shop that Mr. Steve Wynn was out there playing golf that Saturday morning (maybe that is him in the background on 18th green) since it was the final weekend for the golf course!

Mr. Wynn had decided to convert the golf course into a new tower and lagoon entertainment complex.

Not too many takers at $500 a round I wondered. Then I read this article few days after the said weekend:


Only $5million annual revenue from $1.5 Billion worth property!

So obviously it doesn’t make sense for it to continue as a golf course.

Would need to charge $10,000 a round to generate atleast 10% ROA!!

The trend with millennial generation is to hangout with friends, socialize and shoot the breeze.

Like at top golf for example, which brings the bowling alley concept to Golf.

It appears Mr. Steve Wynn is about to create a new model for Las Vegas entertainment yet again.

Wonder what it will be…

When does any business need a Phil Mickelson?

When does any business need a Phil Mickelson?

Answer: All the time.

No not the actual golfer Phil Mickelson in person.

But, the strategy and capability.

What? Why?

Scrambling. 3rd round of the 2017 WGC-Mexico Championship.

Everything went wrong off the Tee at almost every hole!

Only 4 fairways hit.

Only 8 Greens in Regulation.

Lost ball.

Got lucky breaks.

Pulled the proverbial cat out of the bag to save the day.

The Wedges.

To score a 68 (-3)? Should have been 10 over!!

How? First the Who? Phil. Now how?

The Wedges!

Tactical aspects of execution via People & Processes.

The strategy will go wrong most of the time off the Tee.

What gets an initiative on the track is the short game.

The Wedges…

In Golf and Business is it about The Process?

We have all heard it many times. From Golf and Business professionals. It is The Process!

What exactly does that mean?

Is it the preparation? Equipment? Temperament? Swing?

What about Strategy? Execution? Shot selection?

The answer of course is all of it. It is The Process!

This blog will be mostly focussed on Golf and Business analogies.

The parallels are uncanny as you shall see….