Boeing 737 Max investigation compromised by data breach?

Boeing 737 Max investigation compromised by data breach?


Reuters aviation reporter Jamie Freed has published an exclusive based on a source involved in the Ethiopan Airlines ET302 investigation being assisted by BEA in France.

Hope this doesn’t mean the data is compromised. FDR data transfered (?) soon after I sent the above response.

Not sure why BEA decided to block me on Twitter. Got misinterpreted as malicious perhaps? It wasn’t. If it were me, I would say thank-you and investigate the leak. It could be anywhere in the Chain of possession but obviously after the data extraction?

Meant to say chain of possession not chain of command. Tried to point that out which is when I discovered I have been blocked.

Update 1

It has been pointed out that the source is air traffic control voice recordings and not from the Black boxes (CVR and FDR). So perhaps the data in the black boxes is not compromised. However, the airtraffic control data is still crucial part of the investigation and needs to be secured as well.

It still isn’t clear as to who is leading the overall investigation and where?

BEA appears to have simply extracted the data and sent it to Ethiopan Airlines. Very different from Air France flight 447 investigation where BEA led the entire investigation.


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