Supply & Demand chains disruptions?

Supply & Demand chains disruptions?

This have never happened before ever!

Global supply chains AND Demand Chains collapse!!

Not even in 2008 or 2001 or 1930s. How is that possible?

Natural disasters, which is what Coronavirus is, usually impact global supply chains if the disaster happens at a global supply base location.

This causes supply shortage, price spike, demand contraction or new supply and self correction.

A recession causes demand collapse, supply glut, price collapse, supply contraction and self correction.

Now we are about to see both simultaneously: Supply disruption AND demand collapse. There is no precedent for this.

Yes, we have had pandemics before, however it was before globalization and global trade and global intertwined economy. All impact was local. There was no global savings glut or global trade or global travel.

We do, however, have $30+ Trillion of global QE stimulus out there now when we combine 2008 and 2020.

Who will be doing the consumption?

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