Trillion is the new billion?

Trillion is the new billion?

The possibility of a repeat of the 20th century roaring 20s in the 21st century has now become a certainty due to the great 2020 reset.

What we now have is the beginnings of Universal basic income enabled by the astronomical M1 and M2 money supply expansion by all the central banks.

Transition to a fully Autonmous economy has been accelerated by a decade at the least. Which is why we are now seeing ridiculously high valuations for the so called “tech” companies.

Is this for real? Most likely yes. Trillion is the new billion. 100 years after US steel became the first Corporation to get to the $1 Billion market capitalization mark, we now have several with $1 Trillion market caps.

The money supply expansion will be followed by velocity of money acceleration once the aggregate demand picks up. Aggregate Demand will accelerate with the gradual transition to a semi Autonmous economy. Major component of this change will be a new framework for the 21st century fiscal policy in the major economies and you guessed it “technology “.

Technology here does not mean “apps” on “phones”. It is about sensors and connected real-time actionable insights that enable mission critical fault tolerant systems to operate without any human intervention.

key enablers will be things like this ->

Safety and security is paramount for such a hyper connected system (besides fault tolerance that is) and this solution from BlackBerry IVY on Amazon AWS will most likely become the platform for the 21st century.

Barriers to entry for the other competitors is formidable since this type of system can not be created in all night hackathons over beer and pizza unlike apps on phones. The moat, as Mr. Warren Buffett calls it, is very very very large.

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