US Government Shutdown 2018 Day 2

US Government Shutdown 2018 Day 2

It is Sunday morning in America. Third Sunday of the year already. We have come out of a deep freeze and looking like a spring day almost!


NFL Playoffs are on later today with New England Patriots taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars in Foxboro (what a shocker!) and the Philadelphia Eagles taking on Minnesota Vikings.


But the talk of the Country today on Sunday Morning talk and news shows is this:


Government shutdown 2018 Day 2.


Time to fix the budget impasse with real long term sustainable regulations instead of short term continuing resolutions.


Wake up America!


Pay attention to regulatory issues in general and fiscal policy in particular.


US Senate and Congress do this via Bills which can be found here:


This is more important than NFL.


Stay tuned for updates…

Update 1:

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