Who could vs who will win The 2019 Masters?

Who could vs who will win The 2019 Masters?

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History made on Saturday’s round 3 of the 2019 Masters. Several rounds of 64 vs very few rounds of 64 since the inception! Plus lot of rounds under 70.

How is this possible?

A perfect storm of warm air, low wind, and wet greens that allowed the players to go for the flag and land the ball pin high for birdies galore.

Usually this is not possible at Augusta National Golf Club due to the undulating greens. Even the fairways are hard to hold on lot of holes.

Tony Finau took great advantage and of these perfect conditions. Rightfully so.

So we now a have leader board and final pairing with Tiger Woods, Tony Finau and the leader Francesco Molinari.

Who could or will win the 2019 Masters today? Sunday, April 14th, 2019.

Well, technically it is a bunched leader board. Anyone within few strokes could win the green jacket.

However, it will be very hard to score birdies today (Sunday) due to weather. It is more about avoiding bogeys. Who has the fewest bogeys amongst the leader board?

Francesco Molinari. Just one bogey in 3 rounds!!

While Tony Finau had a phenomenal round 3, he does have few more bogeys in previous rounds.

Tiger Woods has even more bogeys…

So with the wind, possible rain and Francesco Molinari’s phenomanl precision with that final approach shot and short game, he is likely to have the fewest bogeys and possibly shoot a par round today to win the tournament.

Usually it isn’t about few brilliant shots and a great round to be a consistent player. It is more about reducing the blowouts and ability to get par even after a bad shot.

Watch for interesting strategies with low punch shots into the wind today. Europeans know how to play in these conditions.



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