Who is really incharge of the Boeing 737 Max investigation?

Who is really incharge of the Boeing 737 Max investigation?

Update: DOJ & US Department of transportation has launched an investigation into FAA’s approval of Boeing 737 Max airliner.

While the FAA, NTSB, BEA, Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines are investigating the ET302 crash and how it maybe related to Lion Air JT601 crash in Indonesia.

So far, we have had Ethiopian Airlines send the Black Boxes to BEA in France which seemed to imply that BEA might be leading the investigation.

However, it appears that is not the case. BEA simply downloaded the data and transferred it to Ethiopian airlines.

In the meantime, we have a leak from Air traffic control in Addis Ababa where a source provided information from the voice recorders to a Reuter’s reporter about the conversations with the pilots of flight ET302.

Boeing 737 Max investigation compromised by data breach?

So there appears to be some confusion as to who is really incharge of this investigation?

What about all the physical evidence from the crash site?

Without a proper chain of command, delegation and and work protocols, the likelihood of successful investigation is very low.

The Air France Flight 447 investigation was also bogged down due to these very reasons. Besides the fact that it took 2 years to find the black boxes.

Someone needs to step in and say, we are incharge and publish a document that shows the working relationships and work protocol between all these agencies invloved.

Boeing statement seems to imply it is NTSB. However, based on what has happened so far, that does not appear to be the case. Is that how it was handled in the case of Lion Air JT610 investigation? Via NTSB?

Perhaps the US Department of Justice and Department of Transportation investigation will help clear up the confusion?


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