WiFi6 Mesh Network for Gigabit Problem Solving

WiFi6 Mesh Network for Gigabit Problem Solving

I have been trying to get the Gigabit internet service for a while now. It finally happened. Just in time for the entire family working and schooling from home due to the Corona virus induced COVID-19 seclusion!

The fiber service provider provides their own Modem in this case. Needed to get a new router since my old router is a Cable Modem/Router combo. Seemed like a good idea when I got the combo router just couple of years ago. Had to get a new router since the then five year old router was obsolete. Such is the travails of technology. The dreaded incompatibility of the hardware as software evolves.

Should have leased the router? Perhaps. I suspect a lifetime TCO analysis would probably indicate otherwise. Anyway, getting back to issue at hand, the new router evaluation brought to light, you guessed it, new technology! WiFi6 protocol.

Lo behold, I found a brand new router just out in the market. None of my devices are Wifi6 yet, but they will be eventually. Especially with IoT and the connected 21st century autonomous economy. So I went with it. It has been an interesting couple of weeks. Figured some things out during the course of troubleshooting with the service provider and the router vendor.

Needed to breakdown the problems into its individual components and formulate a hypothesis. Is it the back haul? The fiber install? The modem? The router hardware? The router software? Wifi congestion? Settings? Some combination of the above?

All said and done, the performance of the network is a lot better than it was before I got the gigabit service. However, it could be better.

Still work in progress…

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